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Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American singer-songwriter. She is known for narrative songs about her personal life, which have received widespread media coverage. Born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, Swift moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 14 to pursue a career in country music. She

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Big Machine Records is an American independent record label, which is distributed by Universal Music Group, specializing in country and pop artists. Big Machine is based on Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee. The label was founded in September 2005[1] by former DreamWorks Records executive Scott Borchetta and became a joint

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22/5/2015 · (AP/Evan Agostini) Taylor Swift is not an “underdog”: The real story about her 1 percent upbringing that the New York Times won’t tell you Swift is the privileged daughter of wealthy plutocrats. She can write a good pop song, but also had a huge leg up–

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5/6/2012 · Taylor’s Father owns 3% of the label Big machine Records, and was an initial investor in the record company launch with an estimated 120 thousand investment. So in essence you might say he “Bought” her career . As far as her career goes Taylor is a superstar

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Taylor Swift’s deal with Universal includes ensuring artists get money from Spotify plays and giving her ownership of her master recordings. Taylor Swift’s deal with Universal includes making sure artists get money from plays on Spotify. Skip to Content

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19/11/2018 · Taylor Swift has announced that she is leaving her lifelong record label, Big Machine Label Group (BMLG), to sign with Republic Records and Universal Music Group (UMG). The financial terms of the deal have not been made public. As part of her new contract, Swift

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20/11/2018 · From her debut single to her latest stadium tour, Taylor Swift has called one Nashville-based record label home. Until now. The country-turned-pop superstar announced Monday that she has signed with Republic Records and Universal Music Group after fulfilling a

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27/8/2017 · TIL Taylor Swift was born into wealth. Her father is “a descendant of three generations of bank presidents” and worked for Merrill Lynch. At the age of 14 her family moved to Nashville where her father purchased a stake in Big Machine, the label to which Swift first

Top responsesIt’s unfortunate but the more you look into it the more you realize a lot of famous people were born rich. Not saying that rich people can’t be talented but  read more1K votesShe became one of the first signings, and her father purchased a three percent stake in the fledgling company at an estimated cost of $120,000.21.1K votesShe’s worth $280,000,000. And to think Mayweather brought home $200,000,000 in one night.2.4K votesWhen Swift was about 12 years old, a computer repairman taught her how to play three chords on a guitar, leading to her first effort as a songwriter,  read more5.8K votesThere are loads of celebrities that come from wealth and bought their way into the marketing machine and/or job opportunities that are needed to  read more12.2K votesA HUGE number of celebrities come from rich people. Hell, if they are rich enough, you can become famous just for being famous. Amazing how that tends  read more1.9K votes查看全部

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According to Page Six, Taylor Swift’s mother and father are behind-the-scenes monsters, described by a source as being “difficult and controlling stage parents.” There are a

Taylor Alison Swift was born on December 13, 1989, in Reading, Pennsylvania. Her father, Scott Kingsley Swift, was a stockbroker for Merrill Lynch; her mother, Andrea Gardner Swift (née Finlay), was a homemaker who had worked as a mutual fund

Taylor Swift tried to get a record label and when the kids at school found out the wouldn’t talk or do anything with her so her mom took her out and had fun with Taylor. Taylor started to write songs about everyone. Then she moved and became what she is now

8/7/2019 · Swift’s original deal with Big Machine was signed when she was 15 years of age and had little or no bargaining power. When an artist signs a deal with a record label, the deal nearly always involves the label becoming the owner of any recordings made.

19/11/2018 · Taylor Swift just joined the Big Three — and that’s not a This Is Us reference. Monday, Swift revealed on Instagram that Republic Records, a label under the Universal Music Group, is her new record label, marking a significant shift for the artist who has been the

28/8/2018 · The current situation between Taylor Swift and her record label is, to quote a popular song, “Delicate.” In recent days, a multitude of outlets have been debating where she’ll land, tossing out numerous options that involve leaving her longtime home.

Taylor Swift is about to sign her first record deal in 13 years. It’s poised to be one of the biggest in music industry history. But her old label, Big Machine Records,

19/11/2018 · We’re not in Nashville anymore. Taylor Swift has officially left her Music Row roots behind, announcing that she’s departed Big Machine Records (her label since 2006) for Universal Music Group’s Republic Records. Swift’s contract with her old label (itself a UMG imprint) expired this month

Taylor Swift has inked a new record deal with Universal Music Group. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer announced the big news in an Instagram post featuring a photo of herself posing with Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO Lucian Grainge and

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20/11/2018 · Now that Taylor Swift has signed a contract to release future albums through Universal Music Group, can UMG close a second deal to buy Big Machine Label Group, which owns Swift’s back catalog? As Swift held talks with labels, tech companies and other potential financial partners in

Taylor Swift’s anger over Scooter Braun purchasing her former record label, Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Records, and acquiring the rights to the majority of her master recordings is a feeling many musical artists can relate to. The singer — who left Big Machine

Taylor Swift is partnering with a new label. The “Look What You Made Me Do” singer, 28, announced her “new home” on social media: Republic Records and Universal Music Group. Her move comes after her contract with Big Machine Label Group — the label that Scott Borchetta signed Swift to when she was a teenager — ended, according to a statement.

26/10/2018 · Taylor Swift is a free agent – now she can negotiate the biggest record deal of the century 200m record-selling artist, at the peak of her game, whose tours are reliably the year’s biggest grossing, is about to become a free agent

1/7/2019 · Taylor Swift is not happy with the sale of her former label, Big Machine Label Group, to mega-manager Scooter Braun’s Ithaca Holdings. Braun’s $300 million acquisition of the Nashville-based label is being financed by the Carlyle Group (CG), which took a minority stake in Ithaca in 2017. With

19/11/2018 · Taylor Swift has announced that she has signed a new record deal with Republic Records and Universal Music Group, her first label change since signing with Big Machine Records at the age of 15. Swift’s deal with the Nashville-based, Universal Music Group-distributed independent label

27/8/2018 · There is nothing in Swift’s current contract that would prevent her from moving to a UMG label. As of 2015, Borchetta owned 60 percent of BMLG. Swift’s father, who invested in the company at its beginning, still has a minimal investment, but should Swift re-up

2/7/2019 · Taylor Swift’s anger over Scooter Braun purchasing her former record label, Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Records, and acquiring the rights to the majority of her master recordings is a feeling many musical artists can relate to. The singer — who left Big Machine Record

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2/7/2019 · Taylor Swift’s anger over Scooter Braun purchasing her former record label, Scott Borchetta’s Big Machine Records, and acquiring the rights to the majority of her master recordings is a feeling many musical artists can relate to. The singer — who left Big Machine Record

The reason the hashtag WeStandWithTaylor is trending is because of a deal that the founder of her previous record lable made. Scott Borchetta, the founder of Big Machine Lable Group signed Taylor in 2004. Their contract ended in 2018, and Taylor c

1/7/2019 · A war of words between Taylor Swift and the head of her former label is the latest high-profile eruption over control of musicians’ so-called master recordings, an issue that has taken on new significance as streaming has helped the recording industry return to growth. Before digital distribution

28/8/2018 · The record deal that Taylor Swift first signed when she was 15-years-old is about to come to an end – sparking speculation about a bidding war for the star. According to Variety, the contract will come to an end in November, and Swift now stands to ‘make

13/11/2014 · Taylor Swift’s record label has denied Spotify’s claims that the singer was “on track” to make $6m (£3.8m) a year from the music streaming service. In fact, Swift earned $496,044 (£317,000) in the past 12 months for streams of her songs in the US, Big Machine CEO Scott Borchetta said. Borchetta

Taylor Swift took to Tumblr on Sunday to express disappointment over her catalog of music with former record label, Big Machine, being sold off to a company owned by Justin Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun. The ‘You Need to Calm Down’ singer admitted she also

Taylor was one of the new label’s first signings. Taylor released her debut album, “Taylor Swift”, in October of 2006 and received generally positive reviews from music critics. The New York Times described it as “a small masterpiece of pop-minded country, both

26/11/2018 · Taylor Swift is taking her music to a new record label, Republic Records and Universal Music Group. With this career move, she scored major benefits. Now, Swift will own her master recordings and other artists under the same label also will be paid for their music that is streamed on Spotify. Swift

Taylor Swift has hit out at the claims made by her ex record label boss Scott Borchetta, insisting she had no knowledge of the sale of her master records before it was Taylor Swift insists she had no knowledge of the sale of her master records. The ‘ME

It’s a move heard around the music industry, Taylor Swift has left her longtime label, Big Machine Records, to sign with Universal Music Group. The music titan took to Instagram to share a photo of her new home with Universal Music Group Chairman and CEO